How to set up Auto Branding?
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How to set up Auto Branding?

Rebranding the components from Library can be time-consuming.

With Auto Branding, components are updated immediately to your site colors and fonts.

To set up Auto Branding in Wix Classic Editor:

To set up Auto Branding in Editor X:

Notes to help you using Library + Auto Branding easier:

  • Do not set up all colors the same or similar, all colors from your brand should be set up already before you paste the component. This helps you to see which color is applied to the component.

  • Make sure the color and text have enough contrast. (For example, black background + white text, to keep content and design accessible)

  • The action color in Editor X should be an action color, and it is not the same as other colors. Some components use action color to brand the CTA button or some essential actions.

  • From left to right, the color should be from pale to dark. (Inversely, if your site is in dark mode, you can setup from dark to pale.)

  • Auto Branding is not available to all components. Components like "XXX Rebuild" "XXX Styles" will not have this feature to keep their original design as much as possible. We are working on enabling Auto Branding to all "Wireflow" components because it is aimed to provide a rapid site wireframe, or base, for the website.

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