We understand that some issues are hard to debug, and we're here to help. Our engineers have combed through our support requests to identify the most common causes of breakages.

If you only experience the issue on one component:

If you experience the issue on any component:

  • Have you logged in to the app? Also, you need to choose a subscription plan as well! If you already did this, check the following tips

  • First, check if you are using a chromium-based browser (Chrome, Firefox, and the New Version of Edge are chromium-based). (Send us a screenshot if you need further explanation)

  • Second, check if you have installed the Library extension (from Chrome Web Store). We need that to sync data from Library to Editor.

  • Third, check if you have copied another component/element on your Editor after copying from Library. In this case, you need to copy the component again (by refreshing the copy page) as the newer copy from your Editor replaces the old one.

  • Fourth, please contact our support.

You can report issues by clicking the button below, our agent will be with you to resolve the issue soon.

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