Start using Library in minutes, save hours for your future.

Access the components library πŸ“š

Learn from our components library to see what you can do and design with Wix. Get inspiration from top designers and websites to show your client/teammates the functionality of Wix. Viewing the components from the Library is completely free.

You can click the button below to launch the app.

Tips πŸ’‘ Save the app to the bookmark of your browser.

Join a plan (starting from $4/mo only!) πŸš€

Joining one of our subscription plans get access to the following features:

  • Copy and Paste components from Library

  • Customer Support

  • and so much more to be added soon...

Our starter plan allows you to have 20 unique copies every day.

Copy a component 😎

Yes! That is what the Library does.

Before you copy a component:

  • Make sure you have installed our Chrome extension

  • Make sure you are using an eligible device

While you copy a component:

  • Make sure you are using the same browser for the Editor & Copy page (The page pops up when you tap "Copy")

  • Make sure you have our extension enabled.

After you copied a component:

  • Paste into the Editor

  • Modify the design / Replace the content

  • Publish the site

  • Done βœ…

You can reach out to us by clicking the button below, our agent will be with you to answer your question soon.

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