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What APIs are supported with Connector?
What APIs are supported with Connector?

List of supported Wix business solutions apps with Connector.

Updated over a week ago

The following APIs from Wix Rest API is enabled, with these exceptions listed below.

  • Wix Stores

  • Wix Bookings

  • Wix Restaurants

  • Contacts

  • Wix Groups

  • Members

  • Wix Events

  • Coupons

  • Wix Loyalty Program

  • Media

  • Wix Pricing Plans

More APIs are coming.

The upcoming changes of Connector in Zapier No Code builder

  • Expose Wix Data API so you can work with site content better.

  • Improve input fields to reduce extra workloads like formatting objects/arrays into JSON stringified strings.

Known limitations in Zapier No Code builder (not applied to Connector API)

Input with more than one object in the array is not accepted.

In info.emails.items, you can only submit one item. You cannot send more than one via comma separated string as well.

Object like filter object cannot be built with the Zapier UI, you need to stringify the Object into String and paste it into the field.

Does not validate input

It is possible that there are relationships between fields!

Please ensure you have tested with test data in the builder and check the error message from Wix as a hint to fix the bug.

NULL value cannot be used

Currently, you cannot supply a null value. "null" in string form does not mean null. Please consider leaving the field empty. If it is still not possible to work with your needs, please let us know.

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