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ID takes important role on your Zap.

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ID is the unique identifier of "things" in Wix.

Let's see a real-life example.

  1. Anna McGill, UK, e62fda21-b9cb-43c3-83c0-8544e1766be0

  2. Bob McGill, US, 321069d4-6c62-4d3e-b636-c49770877f80

  3. Boc Anderson, US, ad491c03-7e3b-48d3-a405-b58ded689c96

The above names share some common properties. Searching the contacts may come up with more than one result. When a customer in the US signs up for a pricing plan, we have to identify who exactly signed up. ID plays a vital role in preventing incorrect actions on another similar contact.

Many actions in Connector require passing an ID to the input field.

For example, when you want to update a Wix Stores product's inventory, you must specify which.

The best practice is to find the unique identifier (UUID).

You can click on two products in the Wix dashboard to find this out and copy its URL.

Then, we have:

You can observe the difference:

With this, we know the ID of a particular product quickly.

This method works with most Wix Apps.

Do you know how about the Apps that cannot be found with URLs?

Wix Stores variant ID is not the same as its SKU.

We've taken care of that!

First, build a step in your Zap to Query Product Variants by searching for an action named "Query Product Variants."

Run the test by providing product ID as id.

Now, you should see something like this:

"variants": [
"id": "00000000-0000-0020-0005-a316e6ba5b37",
"choices": {
"Weight": "250g",
"Ground for": "Stovetop"

You should see "id": "00000000-0000-0020-0005-a316e6ba5b37"

That's right. It is the ID you are looking for!

Pro Tips

  • Make sure you have updated the ID in a Zap if you have deleted the "thing" that linked to the ID! Otherwise, Zapier will send an error message to your email and pause your Zap!

  • You can edit the step name to know what the step is doing later. To rename a Zap step, click on the three dots to the right of your Zap step, then click Rename step from the dropdown menu. The Zap editor will highlight the default name, which you can change to whatever you want.

  • Upgrade your Connector App so it works after going over the free usage.

Still can't find the ID?

Please get in touch with support in the bottom right corner of the messenger.

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