Payment Integrations: Edit Display Name & Icon
Updated over a week ago

We can edit its display name & icon by contacting your account manager.

It is not available during the trial. To skip the trial period, contact your account manager.

Editing the name & icon can help conversions as some merchants might have special preferences, for example:

  • You are taking card payments only via PhonePe. Showing the PhonePe icon can confuse users as UPI isn't enabled for your site. We can change the icon and text to "Credit Card/Debit Card" with some "cards" icons.

  • You use 2 gateways to take payments, e.g., Square & PhonePe. You might want to change them to "Payment Cards (International)" & "Payment Cards (Domestic) & UPI," respectively, to prevent confusion.

What we can edit based on your custom requirements with extra cost (which means: hiring a developer):

  • Editing payment method orders

  • Show options dynamically

What is impossible to edit:

  • Show different options/names/icons just for Wix branded app.

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