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Setup Chat GPT UI Widget (Beta)

Discover how to add the Chat GPT UI Widget to your site

Updated over a week ago

This widget is only available to advanced plan or above.

First, head to your Editor and find the widget from add panel (+) > App Widgets > Chat GPT UI Beta. Drag / Click the widget to finish adding.

Optional: Set the app as full width.

Next, publish your website to let site visitors use the widget.

Then, you should see the widget is available on your site:

Known limitations:

Editing default content of the widget

Change from light/dark mode (currently, it is based on user's device)

Error explainer:

Application error: a server-side exception has occurred (see the server logs for more information).
Digest: 4164810352

Solution: Make sure the app is upgraded to advanced plan or above. Unlimited/free trial don't have access to the widget.


Please provide feedback via the Messenger (chat icon on the bottom corner) so we can better understand your use case and feedback!

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