Upgrade to Pro

To unlock all components, you have to upgrade to Pro.

Updated over a week ago

If you'd like to upgrade your plan, please visit Wix Site Dashboard (Business Manager) > Lib - UI Components > Unlock All Components.

From here, you can see the current offerings and pricing of the Library plan of your site.


  • What does the upgrade cover? All components access + priority support.

  • Where can I use the Pro components? On the same site, you upgraded Library Pro.

  • Can I transfer my subscription to another site? You can't transfer but you can share the subscription to another site(s) that you owned on the app dashboard!

  • Do you offer a refund? No, we've provided free component access before you upgraded to a plan.

  • I don't see this tab on Wix dashboard! Why? Please visit Wix Dashboard > Apps > Search "Lib" and install the app first.

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