Legacy - How does the Rates integration work?
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We regret to inform our users that the product mentioned in this help article has been discontinued. If you are encountering issues or have questions related to the discontinued product, we recommend exploring alternative solutions or reaching out to our customer support for further assistance. We understand the impact this may have, and we are committed to helping you transition smoothly to other available options. Please refer to our updated documentation or contact our support team for guidance on navigating this change. We appreciate your understanding and thank you for being a valued user.

Rates App made possible with Wix Shipping Rates SPI. We leverage platform features with our standardized shipping rates management algorithm. We aim to provide a no-code integration experience that allows you to increase store revenue by providing feasible shipping options and minimum pricing to customers.

Product Concept Illustration

Before integration:

  • You will need to set up a supported provider platform/carrier merchant account.

  • You will need to have an upgraded Wix Business Premium site.

  • You will need to install the Wix Stores App.

While integration:

  • Provide required data for your specific provider platform/carrier. Instructions will be provided when you upgrade to one of our integration plans.

After integration:

  • Your shipping rate integration is available through Wix Dashboard > Settings > Shipping & Delivery > Select a region > Enable fulfillment app

  • The integration will be on test mode, which means customers can see shipping options labeled with [TEST] (e.g. [TEST] FedEx Overnight) while all shipment orders created will be a sample.

  • If the integration works well with your expectation, switch to production mode with the provided method based on your provider platform/carrier.

What changes we will make to your website?

Site code (Velo)

As we mentioned it is based on the Wix Shipping Rates SPI, we connect your site and third-party providers through our Velo package. No action is required on your end. For developers, you can always access the exposed backend API to get shipping rates manually by following the same structure as Wix's Velo SPI Reference.

Shipping settings (Rates as App)

You can control the visibility of Rates' provided rates for certain shipping regions. You can also enter your other shipping options to use with rates at the same time, your custom shipping options will not create a shipping label automatically.

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