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Difference of Pay Buttons & Pay Integration
Difference of Pay Buttons & Pay Integration
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Using Certified Code to Accept Payments Online

At Certified Code, we offer a range of business solutions for Wix users. Our Pay Buttons & Pay Integration services allow more and more merchants to accept payments online.

Pay Button

Using the Pay Button, you can quickly and efficiently take user payments. Add the Pay Button widget to your site in the Wix editor. You can set it to allow users to enter the amount they wish to pay or set a fixed amount for customers to pay quickly.

Pay Integration

Pay Integration offers an even deeper level of implementation, allowing for a seamless checkout process within the Wix business solutions. Automated transactions can be synced with Wix, reducing potential errors and offering a variety of local payment providers that Wix itself might not support.

You can use Certified Code business offerings to make the most of Wix's infrastructure and easily accept payments.

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