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How does the Certified Code subscription trial work?
How does the Certified Code subscription trial work?

Understand how certified Code subscription trials work!

Updated over a week ago

We regret to inform our users that the product mentioned in this help article has been discontinued. If you are encountering issues or have questions related to the discontinued product, we recommend exploring alternative solutions or reaching out to our customer support for further assistance. We understand the impact this may have, and we are committed to helping you transition smoothly to other available options. Please refer to our updated documentation or contact our support team for guidance on navigating this change. We appreciate your understanding and thank you for being a valued user.

Hello, and welcome to Certified Code. You have signed up for a trial period of 3 days or one task. To determine if we are a good fit, we complete 1 task during that time.

We have collected a payment of $49.99 to confirm that we are only onboarding clients who are genuinely interested in our subscription services. This payment is non-refundable, and it gives you access to our platform for just seven days. You will be charged the total subscription amount after the three-day free trial unless you cancel it.

At a fixed monthly cost, we offer month-to-month service. You will be charged seven days after signing up for a trial, and the service is contract-free.

Here are some pointers for determining whether we are the ideal design, development, or content partner for your startup by utilizing our free trial of Certified Code.

You can make as many requests during your free trial as you want. We'll only complete 1 of your tasks that satisfy the required trial task conditions:

Certified Code subscription trial overview:

  • One design/development/content task (i.e., landing page design up to 3 sections, coding scheme up to 10 lines of code, content writing up to 300 words.)

  • We give unlimited revision during the trial period, and once your subscription begins, you can continue using it. If you cancel your subscription, we will not make any more changes and immediately cease working on the task.

  • Tasks completed during the trial will NOT have a watermark on them, and the IP belongs to you.

  • During the trial, we don't fulfill more than one task. We will take one and work on it randomly if you create multiple jobs. Once you have an active subscription, we'll begin working on them.

  • Any eligible requests will be completed within three business days in the trial period, with additional time charged if necessary. Active customers receive daily updates about their work in production, whereas trial consumers get updates on a 2-3 business day cycle.

  • Communications between you and our team are limited during the trial period on the Discord channel. Requesting a call with the account manager will not be fulfilled as this feature is only available once you have an active subscription.

If you have any questions about the terms of the trial? Don't hesitate to contact us on the live chat on

Additional terms

  • Business hours: We serve customers worldwide. Our main business hours are Monday through Friday between 7 AM to 3 PM GMT. If you join up for a trial outside our regular business hours, please note that we will contact you the next available business day if any follow-up is required.

  • Support: For any questions about your account, your subscription, or your task, you can contact us by Live Chat or email at [email protected].

  • Refund: We don't offer a refund for the payment of $49.99 to start your trial with us; however, you have a 3-days money-back guarantee for your first month's subscription. You can learn more about our refund policy here.

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