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AI Generator for Wix SEO: Getting Started
AI Generator for Wix SEO: Getting Started
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With AI Generator for Wix SEO, you can easily generate page SEO titles and descriptions in seconds. It also allows you to preview and compare titles and descriptions before you publish them so you can make sure they’re just right.

Install Chrome Extension 👇🏻

To get started, visit the Chrome Web Store ( ) and install.

Access to the AI SEO tools 👋

Next, open your site editor (Classic Editor / Editor X) and head to page SEO settings.

You will see 2 inputs, one for keywords and one for description.

You will see 2 "Generate" button prepended to the title & description fields label.

Generate title & description ✨

To generate accurate description, please include keywords (at least 5) and detailed description of this page's content.

After entering the details, hit "Generate" to get title & description ideas straight in your Editor.

Pro tips 🙌🏻

  • Use unique title and description for each page's generation to avoid getting similar title & description that confuse search engines.

  • Separate Keywords with commas (,)

  • It works on both Classic Editor and Editor X.

In Beta 🥰

  • Multiple languages (enter description & keywords in your own languages gives output in your own languages)

Feedback 🪄

You can send your feedback to [email protected] with subject: "AI SEO Feedback". Thank you!

Report a bug 🐞

Please send over your screen recording that shows the step to replicate the issue via the Messenger on the bottom-right conner.

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