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Getting Started with CCAvenue Pay Button
Getting Started with CCAvenue Pay Button
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CCAvenue Pay Button allows you to quickly accept online payments and donations.

This app only works with Classic Editor and Editor X.

Step 1: Install "CCAvenue Pay Button"

Step 2: Select the website to install "CCAvenue Pay Button"

Step 3: Read the terms and agree to continue the installation

Step 4: Add to website

If the button is not added to the page immediately, please follow the steps below:

Add a payment button

First open "Add Panel"

Add the required components to the page, if this section is not displayed, please refresh the editor.

Step 5: Design and edit settings

  1. Editing design — not limited by element preset design, allowing elements to blend with website style

  2. Edit Settings — Allow guests to enter an amount, or pre-set an amount. Edit the product name.

(Optional) Step 6: Upgrade the app to accept more than 3 live payments

Click "Upgrade" to upgrade!

After going to the app dashboard, click:

Step 7: Add your CCAvenue account

Toggle "Accept Online Payments" and fill in the info here:


You are now ready to accept online payments! Need help? Contact us via Messenger on the bottom right!

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