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Getting Started with Intercom via Certified Code
Getting Started with Intercom via Certified Code
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This post will explain everything that does with Intercom via Certified Code app.

This app is a free app, but requires Wix Premium Plan and custom domain connected to the site in order to show the Chat Widget from Intercom.


To get started, install Intercom via Certified Code in Wix app market:

Select a site:

Read the required permissions and continue if you agree:

Mandatory Setup

Open the app from Wix dashboard > Intercom via Certified Code:

Find your Intercom workspace url and extract its APP ID and place into the relevant field, then toggle the switch to show the Chat Widget on your live site. (Red boxes)

Optional Setup

To sync data like Contacts information, click the button in green box to setup connection with Intercom workspace, so the app can share info to your Intercom workspace once you connect.

Currently, only new changes/data from the time that connected will sync to Intercom. All old data is not shared yet. We are working on to bring great features to the app.

Also, you can setup the rest of the fields to optimize for you use case, such as brand color, alignment to ensure the site elements are not covered by the Intercom chat widget.

Data Synchronisation

Here is what the app does when the following events happens:

Events related to Contacts

Events related to Labels

When this happens on Wix

then Intercom will do this

nothing happens

Events related to Extended Fields

Looking for more events? We are working on to implement once Intercom opens further capabilities! Once it is implemented, you will receive an email for changes and improvements.

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