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Vacation App Overview
Vacation App Overview
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In this article, we will go over how Vacation App works.

Vacation: Take a rest

Quickly setup vacation mode and redirect traffic

Vacation: Take a rest overview

Vacation Mode Setup: Effortlessly enable vacation mode with customized display during your time off.

Traffic Redirection: Redirect incoming traffic for a seamless vacation experience.

Customizable Themes: Personalize the user interface of the app with a wide range of themes to suit your preferences and create a delightful visual experience.

Vacation: Take a rest is the ultimate companion for your much-needed downtime. This feature-rich UI app simplifies the process of preparing for and enjoying a stress-free vacation. Effortlessly enable vacation mode with a customized display, redirect incoming traffic seamlessly, and set up content to keep your contacts informed.

Getting started with Vacation App

To begin using Vacation App, you'll need to install it from Wix App Market. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Install it via App Market

  2. Select a site that upgraded to Wix Premium Plan and connected a custom domain

  3. Accept the terms by checking box (1) and click Agree & Add (2)

  4. Click Add to Site

  5. Once you've added the Vacation App to your page, you'll be directed to the edit page. Here, you can customize the settings of the app to suit your needs.

Vacation Mode Setup

To turn on Vacation Mode, click on the “Vacation Mode” button at the top of the settings panel. This will activate the Vacation Mode display on your website.

You can set the vacation mode to stay active for as long as you need. It is also possible to customize the display settings to fit the look and feel of your site.

Traffic Redirect

The traffic redirect feature of Vacation App will redirect all incoming traffic to Vacation page for the duration of the vacation mode. You can customize the alternate page settings to specify where the traffic should be directed to. The page can be customized to include text, images, and videos.

Customizable Themes

The app allows you to customize the themes to fit the aesthetic of your website. You can customize colors, fonts, animations, and more to give your website a unique look and feel. This feature helps to ensure that your vacation mode page blends in with the rest of your site’s design.

⬆️ Tips: You can also add extra content out of the widget!


Vacation App is the perfect tool for setting up your vacation mode and creating a smooth transition for incoming traffic when you're away. With customizable themes and traffic redirects, you can create a unique experience for your visitors that is both professional and enjoyable. To install Vacation App, simply go to the App Market and search for the app.

Have a feature request?

Upgrade the app to prioritize your request. You can always submit a feature request in the In-App chat or [email protected] .

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