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Popup: Consent Collector - Getting Started
Popup: Consent Collector - Getting Started
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Adding the Popup to your site

Install the app from the app market and read the consent:

After opening the Editor, click "Add to Site":

This Popup is automatically added:

You can edit elements & content in the popup to fit your brand:

You can set up the link for "Exit":

If a user does not agree to the consent, bring them to another site to "leave" the user.

This popup shows once If the user accepts the consent, the popup will not show again.

Checker (Required)

How to set up?

Checker is added automatically when you install the app. Checker enables checking on user consent and hence shows the consent popup if the user hasn't agreed to the consent.

To set it working, drag it to the header/footer.

After dragging, if you still see the red message, go to Preview and exit from Preview.

Well done. You are good to go :) Here are some other info that might helps:

Recover deleted elements:

Control Popup visibility

Re-add Popup / Checker if deleted:

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