Authentication with Connector

How to setup connection with Zapier?

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Connector needs access to your Wix account/site to perform actions and receive triggers defined by the user.

When you build a zap with our app (Wix Connector by Certified Code), you will be asked to setup an account. You can find the API key required during the process from Wix dashboard > Connector > API Key. If you don't see the connector tab, please install "Connector by Certified Code" from Wix App Market.

If you have enrolled in our beta testing program, we also support Account Level APIs. in your Wix account.

Please visit this article to see how to create an API key.

Note: If you don't have access to this beta feature, you cannot use Connector with Account Level APIs. Please use the "Connector by Certified Code" app from Wix App Market instead.

After getting your account API key, please enter the following into the Authentication window from Zapier:


Should be a text with a very very long length! Make sure you copy and paste ALL of them.

Wix Account ID

It is a universally unique identifier (UUID) displayed on the API Keys page of your account settings.

Site ID

Only paste the ID! Not the full dashboard page URL!

Done 🎉 You can build your first connection with Wix and 3000+ Zapier apps!

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