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Getting Started with Connector
Updated over a week ago

Due to some limitation and issues, we've decided to pause new installation of "Connector by Certified Code". There is no ETA to list the app again on Wix.

It is easy to set up your first connection with Wix & Zapier.

Step 1: Install Connector on Zapier

Once installed, you can use Connector on any Zaps in your account.

Step 2: Connect your Wix site on Zapier

To find your API key, please visit the Wix dashboard > Connector > API Key.

Warn: DO NOT SEND YOUR API KEY TO ANYONE. Only Zapier collect your API key, Connector's customer support won't ask for it.

Step 3: Start building your Zap!

You can create any Zap with Zapier App: "Wix Connector by Certified Code".

When creating your first zap with connection, enter your API key copied on Step 1.

Learn more about actions and triggers.

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