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Pic with AI Widgets: How it works?
Pic with AI Widgets: How it works?
Updated over a week ago

Using the AI Image Generation Widget with Pic with AI’s Unlimited Plan

We've released a widget specifically for Pic with AI's Unlimited Plan subscribers, so those subscribed to the plan will have the ability to place a generation widget on their website for their site members and visitors to use. The widget will generate images and act as a powerful visual tool for communicating and designing.

How to Place the Widget on Your Site

To get the widget, please open the "Add Panel" > "App Widgets" > "Pic with AI" > "App".

Don't see the Widget? Simply reinstalling the app will bring the widget back! See how

Click or drag it onto your website and edit the settings.

Done! If your Unlimited plan is active, your site visitors and members can access such a feature.

Happy Generating!

That’s it! Now you’re ready to take your Site visitors’ experience to a whole new level with our AI Image Generation Widget. We hope your Site visitors enjoy the images they generate.

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