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Logic: Rules with Additional Fees
Logic: Rules with Additional Fees
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This app is in early stage, which means possible bug in logic might occurs. Let us know via the App messenger (right bottom) so we can get this sorted!

Video walkthrough:

About Rules with Additional Fees

You can integrate your rules with Wix eCommerce to charge customers extra fees. By integrating your service with Wix, the additional fees are then included on the site's cart and checkout pages.

Using the rules, you can design your logic to calculate various additional fees for your merchant's customers, including:

  • Fragile packaging fees

  • Shipping insurance fees

  • Item warranty fees

  • Gift wrapping fees

  • Carbon offset fees

Before you begin

Note: The additional fees' currency will be the same as your checkout/site currency, i.e., if the cart items are in USD, then the fees are in USD.


  • Calculate additional fees: Wix request Logic app's to retrieve the various additional fees the rules calculates.

  • Line items: Line items to calculate additional fees for.

  • Site owner: The person managing the merchant's Wix site.

Sample Rule

This article presents a sample rule the Logic can support. You aren't limited to this exact flow, but it can be a helpful jumping off point as you plan your Additional Fees.

Configuration flow

1. Start setting up rule from the app dashboard:

2. Rename to a readable name so you remember what the rule is; select Additional Fees, and click Create Rule

3. Setup rules based on business needs:

4. Add the fees to be charged:

5. Set Rule Live!

Display additional fees calculated for eCommerce orders

  1. Visit your live site

  2. Add some products to cart that matches the rule

  3. Check the cart page, there should be fees added under subtotal if the rule matches!

Pro Tips:

To "filp" the logic quickly, use "NOT" button instead of updating one by one:

Using NOT (purple is active), the rules inside will be required to be "not matched". In the above rule, no line item name can ends with "with Setup", otherwise the fees you defined won't show up.

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