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Early Stage Program for India
Early Stage Program for India
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Early Stage Program for Startups

Early Stage Program provides low-cost payment processing for your applications. This is a great way to start accepting payments on your sites without investing too much into the apps.

5% of your processing volume – Terms and Conditions

You will be charged at the end of each month in INR.

The processing fee is capped at the equivalent of US$28/mo.

If we cannot charge the processing fee, the integration will pause automatically until the fee is paid.

There is no monthly fee. You only pay when make sales.

To get started, please visit this page:

Payments 5% Processing Fees – Scenarios

Example 1

You've processed INR$1000 this month. You will be charged INR$50.

Example 2

You've processed INR$100,000 this month. You will be charged INR$2,303.

Example 3

You've processed INR$0 this month. No charge incurred.

Supported Providers

Below is the list of providers that are supported for Early Stage Program.

Note: This list is subject to change at any time.

  • CCAvenue

  • Instamojo

  • Phonepe

  • Razorpay

  • Stripe

  • PayU Biz India

  • Cashfree Payments

  • Paytm

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